An Ounce of Prevention Means a Better Bottom Line for Owners

Pentecost Pest Control actively assists owners in increasing property values. One specific way to do this is to focus on preventative maintenance programs on an ongoing basis.

The foundation is simple: Notice small problems and fix them before major ones develop. It may sound like a common practice, but the truth is that many private owners do not have a current effective system in place. Without one the owner can experience high levels of unanticipated or projected maintenance costs.

The benefits of a preventative maintenance program radiates throughout an entire community. Perhaps the most important benefit is loss prevention pertaining to accidents. A regular program of inspection and maintenance can help maintain a safe environment by avoiding unnecessary accidents.

Another benefit is cost savings by recognizing and repairing a potential problem before it evolves into a larger issue. This type of proactive management will save an owner a great deal of money in the long run.

Owners who implement a preventative maintenance program will also benefit from loss prevention. By consistently conducting preventative maintenance, the property and building systems will perform better and possibly endure through their full potential. This has a direct effect on property values, as properties which are well-maintained and without large problems will maintain a higher value than communities where preventative maintenance has been deferred.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program has three main components including:

1) A team of dedicated and trained individuals.

2) A maintenance schedule

3) A maintenance log.

Overall, preventative maintenance is a major factor in both cost control and loss prevention for property owners. By regularly inspecting multifamily communities, property owners and managers can ensure that the property’s value is maintained, while also ensuring that community residents are enjoying a safe and secure environment.


Below is a timeline of service items:

Inspect Monthly:
– Asphalt
– Concrete
– Fire extinguishers
– Fitness Center
– Garage doors
– Gas main valves
– All access gates, pedestrian or vehicle
– Irrigation controllers
– Landscape
– Playground Equipment
– Signage

Inspect Quarterly:
– Balcony
– Boiler systems
– Fences
– Gutters and downspouts
– Water heater
– All wood structures

Inspect Semi-Annually:
– HVAC Equipment
– Roofs- flat or shingle
– Smoke detectors, CO detectors
– Structural members
– Any A/C unit installed in the wall

Inspect Annually:
– Asbestos condition report
– Back flow devices
– Electrical systems
– Mold: Inspect all areas for moisture problems
– Water intrusion