Unlike other common household infestations, termites can be very tricky to spot. After all, they aren’t scrambling around your kitchen and leaving recognizable droppings. This means that termites can reside in your home for years without being detected.

Spring in California signals the start of termite season, so it’s a good practice to check for common signs of termite infestation whether you suspect you have them or not. There’s a chance that termites have been crawling in hollow door and wall crannies undetected because you haven’t noticed any obvious termite damage.

As your Top Rated Local® Pest Control Company in Modesto, we wanted to explain the signs of termite damage to look for in your home.

If you suspect that you have termites or just want to be sure, contact our team today for a termite inspection in the Modesto area.

1. Sagging Floors

If termites are lurking in your floorboards, then you might notice that certain areas of your floor start to sag. In addition to sagging, your floor might feel oddly spongy or springy. These are all tell-tale signs that your floor is losing its structural integrity thanks to termites.

It can be hard to check underneath your floors, so hiring a professional pest control company to inspect the damage is the safer route when it comes to a floor infestation.

2. Sticky Windows and Doors

Think your door might just be jammed? Think again! When termites infest doors and windows, they essentially build tunnels and eat the wooden frames. This means that your door and window frames become warped and weakened, leading to improper closing, jamming, and sticking.

3. Ceiling Cracks

As termites work their way to your wooden ceilings, beams, and attic rafters, your ceiling is likely to crack. These cracks might appear more as tiny fissures rather than obvious chasms, but they’re still a warning sign that you have termites.

For obvious reasons, a cracking ceiling is a dangerous one! Left untreated, termites can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and entire home.

4. Hollow Wood

You can’t just look at wood and see termite infestation, but you can knock on it. If you suspect termite damage, you can knock on wooden elements of your home. If the wood sounds weak or hollow, there’s a chance that it has termite damage.

5. Roof Tiles

If your roof has suffered any water damage, your home is much more susceptible to a termite infestation. Termites are attracted to moisture, and these damp roof tiles are the perfect gateway for termites to enter your home.

Hiring a Pest Control Company in Modesto

Even though there are signs that signal a termite infestation, they aren’t always the easiest to spot or check. Because termites burrow into your home’s foundation, walls, and ceiling rafters, it can require a lot of poking and prodding to figure out if an infestation exists and the source of it.

Termites can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage. Avoid this disaster by scheduling a termite inspection today in Modesto.