Termites are an invasive and damaging pest responsible for billions in annual damages to home and business structures. Successfully eliminating them involves a detailed plan for attacking existing infestations and an ongoing plan for preventing re-infestation.

This all starts with scheduling a termite inspection. Whether you see obvious signs of termite damage or just want to be cautious, a termite inspection is the only way you can get peace of mind or start pest control treatment before the termites do serious damage.

Pentecost Pest Control’s Promise To You
• We guarantee all our termite inspection services and results!
• Callbacks to retreat areas of your home are NO charge & within 24 hours.


• Termites are attracted to water, so it’s important to divert water away from the house by using proper downspouts and gutters to reduce pooling water. Also eliminating other sources of moisture around the foundation of your home such as leaking hoses, or backed up drains, will make pest control much easier.

• Don’t stack firewood or lumber against your home. Instead, use a storage box or shed, and keep the wood off of the ground. Also, before bringing firewood indoors, make sure you inspect it carefully for signs of termites or other pests such as scorpions, black widows, spiders or other pests.

• Ensure proper ventilation in crawl spaces to reduce and prevent humidity, which will prevent infestations.